Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter Twenty -- KA model K5SS








1978 K5SS replaced the K-5A as the new solid state version. 







Coffee/cereal grinder.

Pea sheller

Citrus juicer

Ice cream maker

Pelican slicer

Rotary slicer

Meat grinder

Can opener

Colander & sieve

Hot/cold water jacket

Splash shield

Pouring chute

Oil dropper

Knife sharpener

Silver Buffer

Ice cream maker

Post-war versions of the attachment (that went with the K5-A, K4-B, 3C, 4C, and so on) lack the indicator and were first made with both wood buckets. If I recall correctly, the wood-bucket units were made in two sizes. At some point the wood bucket was replaced with the green fiberglass unit, which came with a reversible stand that allowed use on either of KA's mixer offerings (tilt head or bowl lift).

















  1. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment. You're doing an invaluable service by posting these educational (and fascinating) chapters In the history of KitchenAid mixers.

    I recently acquired my 4th KA mixer, definitely vintage (it's avocado!) complete with a grater/shredder w. metal housing. Only $10 at a moving sale!

    Color me HAPPY!

    Thank you again ...


  2. You are very welcome Bill! Hopefully as I can make time to add additional information you will see the blog getting better and better.

    Congrats on getting quite a collection of vintage KA mixers started. Please come back often and contribute to the body of KA information.

  3. Your history is fascinating, even though I didn't find what I was hoping to. You've really done an amazing job, and I find myself lusting after some of those old models and their *amazing* attachments. (I really, really find that I need a pea sheller.) I do still have a question about a mystery KA, though.

    Background: In the fall of 1963, just after they bought our first house, my parents found a KA mixer in a dumpster. Being thrifty children of the Depression (& living off a soldier's salary), they took it home. My father fixed it (he vaguely remembers something about a belt) and my mother used it for the rest of her cooking life (she died in 2006, but had been unable to cook for a while by then). Fairly recently, my father & I realized that her mixer is missing. He thought she had given it to me, but she didn't. We have looked all over their house with no success. I can't swear that I saw it after I moved out (~30 years ago), but I can't swear I didn't, either... Of course, it could have broken, but she never mentioned it, and I know she wouldn't have thrown it away without at least trying to get it fixed. Also, long before she had to give up cooking, she wouldn't have been able to carry it herself, & my father swears she never asked him to look at it or throw it out. It's driving me crazy, because I'd really like to have that old machine. Even if it doesn't work, I want my mother's mixer. Or at least a duplicate of it...

    Which brings us to the second mystery & my question. I can't figure out which model she had, even from your site. It was a white (or maybe off-white) tilt-head model & it was shaped like a modern KA. Since it must have been fairly old to be trashed in 1963, I thought for a second it might be a K5A, til I took a closer look at the attachments in the photo. I only remember the mixer as having "egg-beater"-type attachments, I think 2 of them that worked together like an egg-beater, & I don't remember any planetary action (I'm astonished BTW to see that was something the original model had!). Mama had 3 ceramic bowls she used used with it that nested one inside the other, but I suspect they were just 3 mixing bowls she happened to have, since logically the person who threw the mixer away wouldn't have thrown away the bowls, too. Since the mixer could be used for all 3 very different-sized bowls, I'm thinking my memory of no planetary action is correct. Is it possible that the original owner didn't throw away the beater(s) that came with it, & that my father in fixing the machine somehow rigged the mixer to run eggbeater-style beaters that rotated in place?

  4. Things I left out of previous:

    - It rotated the bowl as well as the beaters.

    - The bowls didn't attach in any way, though I suppose that could be a result of my father's tinkering. (I didn't mention it above, but some degree of Frankensteining would have been within his skillset even then, I'm just not sure if he would have essayed such a big transformation or if he had the equipment yet.)

    - I think it was closest in appearance to the K-45.

  5. Hello LeoLady! Do you happen to have any early KitchenAid Stand Mixer recipes, maybe from a use and care guide or recipe book?? Thanks!

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