Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter Five -- KA model M


1932 Model M, was also introduced with production discontinued in 1933.

Wow, a vintage model M sold for $891.07 in February 2007 on Ebay!




PHOTO OF KA MODEL  [see the photo taken at the KA museum] http://www.flickr.com/photos/curiouslee/332268998/in/photostream/


From this photo, it appears this model uses the same type of beaters as the model F and it looks like a stainless steel bowl. Since I do not have a manual for this model, I am not sure what, if any additional attachments were produced and advertised with it.

Coffee/cereal grinder.

Pea sheller

Citrus juicer

Ice cream maker

Pelican slicer

Rotary slicer

Meat grinder

Can opener

Colander & sieve

Hot/cold water jacket

Splash shield

Pouring chute

Oil dropper

Knife sharpener

Silver Buffer

Ice cream maker



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