Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter Seven -- Kitchenaid model K







1936 KitchenAid Manufacturing Co. came back under the Hobart banner as the company acquired "full ownership and control" of mixer operations. Nationally acclaimed editor and designer, Egmont Arens, was retained to design three new mixer models.

1937 Arens-designed model K was introduced. The first mixer to use a bowl that is secured to the base with an interlocking motion. The K has 3 speeds and is a sturdy little mixer constructed along the lines of a miniature Kitchenaid model G.






Note the bottom of the 3 qt tinned metal bowl that screws onto a little pin on the base -- this is the famous interlocking bowl system.

Has aluminum beaters proportioned to fit the small 3 qt bowl --- Flat beater, Whip, and Dough hook.

Coffee/cereal grinder.

Pea sheller

Citrus juicer

Ice cream maker

Pelican slicer

Rotary slicer

Meat grinder

Can opener

Colander & sieve

Hot/cold water jacket

Splash shield

Pouring chute

Oil dropper

Knife sharpener

Silver Buffer




KitchenAid production was moved to Dayton,


  1. Hello, Leolady! I have a model K mixer, though it looks a little different from the one you have shown here. It seems to work fairly well, though it does seem to struggle a bit with thicker batter. I've only used it twice, once to make oatmeal cookies and once to make a cake. I received it from my mother-in-laws estate and the manual is long one. It seemed to have a bit of an odor when I was making the h cookie dough, like machine oil heating up. I don't really know how to care for it: should I oil it, if so where would I place the oil drops?
    Do you know of any place I could download a User Guide?
    Any information you can give me would be much appreciated.

    Thanks so much

    1. You should take your mixer to a good repairman and have it greased and lubed. I do not know how to do this or how to advise you to DIY.

    2. I should add that I do not have a link to a user's guide for this model. I am looking forward to scanning one and posting it here when I get a chance.

  2. Thanks so much for getting back to me so soon. Good advice, that's what I'll do. I considered buying new mixer , but I think I'll stick with the one I have. I'll keep checking in to see if you ever find a user guide.
    Thanks again,

  3. oh, I just saw my error, this is a Kitchenaid, mine is a Hamilton Beach!! Sheesh,sorry.

  4. Hello, Great site!
    You mention Aren's designed 3 mixers. What were the other ones? Also what was the last mixer to have his original design with the fin? Did he also design the coffee grinder kitchenaid made?