Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chapter Fifteen -- KA model 3-B









1944 - Model K-3B replaced the model K-3A, with few changes. Has only a multi-purpose beater. There is no dough hook or flat beater made for it.




Coffee/cereal grinder.

Pea sheller

Citrus juicer

Ice cream maker

Pelican slicer

Rotary slicer

Meat grinder

Can opener

Colander & sieve

Hot/cold water jacket

Splash shield

Pouring chute

Oil dropper

Knife sharpener

Silver Buffer

Ice cream maker

















  1. Hi-thank you so much for all of this great information on the kitchenaid mixers! I just purchased a model K5-A and was wondering if a model KN25NSF bowl will fit it? Thanks!

  2. According to what I have read on the internet about this bowl, it looks like it would fit fine. Congrats on getting a K5-A!

  3. Hi Leolady,
    Thanks for a really informative site. You mention that you have a C-100. Do you by any chance have a service manual for it? If yes, can you tell me where I might be able to get a copy? I have a newly-acquired C-100 (model 17664) that needs to be torn down, and only the user manuals for hints. On FixYa, there are warnings that, if not paid heed, will destroy the mixer (not using a puller, and therefore dropping a key in the tranny grease, for example). If you have any leads on a service manual for the C-100, I'd be grateful. -- Thanks -- Caroline

  4. Hi Leolady,
    I have a KitchenAid 3B (found it in the free-stuff basement of an old apartment... really lucky!) however it doesn't have any bowl (maybe why someone got rid of it)... do you know which currently-made replacement bowls fit it, if any? I have done some looking around but haven't uncovered anything conclusive yet.

  5. Hello Leolady,

    You mentioned that Kitchenaid still sells bowls for the Model K-4C. Although I have looked on their site, I'm not seeing an exact match. Do you happen to have a link or resource for purchasing these bowls?

    Thank you for a great article


  6. At the time I originally wrote this, KA did sell 4C bowls. They are now discontinued. Sorry.

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  8. Thank you for researching all this information. I have a 3B that was my grandmother's. The only difference is that the bowl is metal not glass. Did it come with an option for a metal bowl? I treasure the mixer and only use it for very special occasions. Thank you so much for the info.

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  10. do you know where i can get an owners manual for my k-3b the metal plate under where the bowl goes says 3b is there a difference

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